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Two pints of your finest, barman!

What could be better than have Hot Cross Design design the cover of your stonking new single? In Black Hats world the answer is... have them design two covers for your stonking new single!

Black Hats - who describe themselves as "high energy post-punk, skewed with dub beats and ska riffs", release the single Kick in the Doors in April 2012, and our two cover designs are featured on beer pumps in the amazing new video. The "doors" cover (beer pump right) by Barry will be the main cover artwork for the single, while a limited edition "hat" cover (beer pump left) by Rob will also be available.

We look forward to attending the single launch gig next year, and working with the Hats on their next single and forthcoming album Austerity for the Hoi Polloi.


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CD artwork scores eclectic hat-trick!

The new albums by Rony Padilla, Jim Rattigan and Maria Angeli have one thing in common - the artwork has been recently designed by Hot Cross Design, but they couldn’t have come from three more diverse corners of the musical world.

Rony’s Live in London CD is an album of his inspirational Spanish gospel music recorded live at The Rock Tower last November, while Jim Rattigan put together a 12 piece jazz ensemble - Pavilllon, to record his album of original jazz compositions, Strong Tea. Jim leads the band on french horn which gives the album a distinctive sound. Maria Angeli releases her album 7 billion under the name, Angeli. It’s a chilled out collection of blues/folk with an enlightening message, ideal for some late night reflection and a glass of red.

Check out this fine mix of music and suggest to the artists it was the album cover artwork that first attracted you to their site!




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Ginger Nuts to print - that’ll be the day!

Hot Cross Design started work on the new brochure for Nottingham based rock’n’roll function band Reverend Ribble & the Ginger Nuts in August 2010, so to say it’s been a long time coming would be a slight understatement. Nevertheless, a mere one year, two months, one week and nine days after its initial conception, the job has gone to print and the Reverend and his Ginger Nuts can look forward to the safe delivery of their 350gsm gloss laminated ‘bad boys’ very soon.

The Nuts were so inspired by our original design that they felt compelled to up the ante - updating the photography, recruiting better-looking band members, and producing a brand new demo that would sound as good as it looks - hence the elongated gestation period. It’s all been worth the wait, rattle & roll!

Check out Reverend Ribble & the Ginger Nuts at www.thegingernuts.com

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Startled by the gathering design

The new album by "The Gathering - Startled by the Familiar", has just been released. Hot Cross Design were privileged to be involved in producing the artwork for such a unique, innovative and inspiring project.

Lucinda Drayton led a group of musicians who congregated in a barn in Cornwall with no pre-written material or expectations. The tunes, grooves, and improvisations that evolved became this extraordinary album. We travelled to Woodbridge in April to attend the official launch party of the album, where we not only toasted the album, but saw it performed live in its entirety.

We initially offered the band a selection of ideas for the cover. The chosen cover features Rob's illustration, while the rest of the packaging was designed by Barry.

Look out for The Gathering performing a few selective dates during 2011. Find out more information about the album at www.blissfulmusic.com

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