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After spending time as a master baker and a graphic designer, Barry opted to concentrate on the latter and founded Hot Cross Design in 1995. He hasn't done a days 'work' since, and no baking is currently involved.

His school report revealed "he uses his eyes well, and controls materials to a fine degree". An observation that still applies, albeit now with the aid of Specsavers.

He illustrated lyrics for U2 in 1984 but, "...now they're famous they don't wanna know me - besides, I'd much rather work on a local authority flyer" he claims.

If you ever do him wrong; make it orange and he'll forgive you.

A kid of the seventies, he still owns his red Raleigh Chopper from 1974, owes a lot to Mr Broadbent, watches cartoons, is a sucker for music with handclaps, buys ice and doesn't eat cheese.

He is old enough to know better.

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Multidan (or Dan to his friends) joined Hot Cross Design in 2000, and soon became the acceptable face of the company. After driving forward the eastern branch of the business, you'll now find him heading up the desk on the left.

His hero is deceased eccentric steeplejack Fred Dibnah. This manifests itself in his ability to take his graphic designing skills to perilously great heights. "...or I may just blow you away," he claims.

He's had a few cars, he's had a few motorbikes, he's had a few boats, he's had a few girlfriends. He now holds just one of each.

He was born 20 years too late, has Scotland as a back-up plan, sneezes in the sun, doesn't drink milk or eat red meat and he won't take you to the cinema.

He is currently customer facing.

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Rob came to Hot Cross Design for one weeks work experience in the fine art of tea and coffee making in October 2004. He never left.

He is fresh back from a three year sabatical pursuing a life of sex and drugs and rock'n'roll ...oh no sorry, he's been to university...

Fresh back from university; skint, detached from the real world, and the proud owner of a worthless degree, he now combines his design activities with a continuing quest for world domination in the music business. His world tour will begin at any time, so make use of his design skills now - while you still can.

You may initially be seduced by his horn blowing, but his designs will entice you too - he can play a good tune on both. He loves cats, rain, doughnuts, curry and Tears For Fears - although not necessarily in that order. He won't eat tomatoes or the yolk of an egg.

He has ID and he's not afraid to use it.

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Webman Rich is Rich, our webman, who with the aid of Internet Boy is leading the fight against worldwide website crime. They are our website experts, gurus and all round smart arses. A vital cog in our web design business, they are like a double-handed Hot Cross Design call centre; based in a faraway land (Lancaster), talking in a language we don't understand (technical), and never answering the phone (period).

They do however, have all the solutions we need to realise our cool hot website designs, so what they don't know about PHP, HTML(5), CSS(3), XML, JavaScript, Ajax, SEO, FTP, R2-D2 and C-3PO, really isn't worth knowing.

We hold a video recording of Webman Rich and Internet Boy singing an acoustic version of Lady Gaga's Poker Face, which we threaten to post on YouTube should the need to reiterate the importance of a deadline ever arise.

Singularly or collectively and in no particular order they like; Red kitchen utensiles, the White Stripes, and Blu-tak, motorbikes, snowboarding, guinea pigs, hamsters and Jason Mraz.

Please leave a message after the tone.

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Soxon joined Hot Cross Design in 2002 and was immediately seconded to head up the recycling campaign for South Oxfordshire District Council.

He's a Saxon from South Oxon with socks on, hence his name - Jeremy, which we hastily changed in order to gain maximum artistic effect.

After five years on the job he was cruelly dropped from the campaign in favour of an intricate cutout of a 240 litre wheelie bin. He hasn't given up hope of a return to the limelight, but is currently unemployed. Sadly, his descent from popularity has also seen him take to the bottle - and he's not recycling them!

He's just a dumb ass cartoon character, but since you're still reading this, seems there's life in the old dog yet!

His work here is done.

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